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e:PROGRESS is designed by Honda for your Honda EV. See how e:PROGRESS offers joy and freedom of mobility whilst saving you time, carbon, and money.

e:PROGRESS-Ready Home Chargers

Unlocking the power of intelligent charging

A white Alfen S-Line charger, untethered, to be used with Honda vehicles and e:PROGRESS

Alfen S-Line Untethered

A white Alfen S-Line charger with tethered charging cable to be used with Honda vehicles and e:PROGRESS

Alfen S-Line Tethered

Key Benefits

e:PROGRESS is designed by Honda for your Honda EV. Use Intelligent Charging to ensure that your vehicle is always charged when you need it.

Save Money

e:PROGRESS can save you up to £400 a year

Integrating with your electricity tariff to automatically maximise charging at the lowest cost times! By integrating your solar panels you could increase savings even further!

Save Time

Set & forget with e:PROGRESS

Simply set your schedule in the app once. Thereafter, just plug in and enjoy your time at home. e:PROGRESS will automatically schedule your charging based on your preferences saving you the hassle of manually adjusting your charging schedule.

Save Carbon

e:PROGRESS will reduce your Carbon footprint

Automatically charging when there is the lowest amount of carbon emissions on the grid. You can combine with your solar panels to further reduce your carbon emissions per mile. Support the planet with e:PROGRESS.

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Other benefits and features

  • Interrupt the schedule with ‘Charge now’ for when your plans change!
  • Integrate your Solar panels to maximise cost & carbon savings
  • Cost, Carbon, or balanced optimisation modes to suit you
  • Immediately charges to your set ‘comfort zone’
  • Gridshare AI automatically schedules your charging
  • Save up to 25% of your current Carbon output

How It Works

e:PROGRESS helps you and your EV

  1. Install

    Request your free, no obligation home survey and schedule your installation.

  2. Connect

    Connect your e:PROGRESS app to your charger and your Honda EV.

  3. Save

    Link your e:PROGRESS app to your tariff and select your optimisation mode.

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Compatible Honda Vehicles

The e:PROGRESS service is designed by Honda for your Honda EV.*

*Whilst you can charge any EV using your charger, you’ll need one of the above vehicles to benefit from Intelligent Charging.