e:PROGRESS Ready Home Chargers

Bringing the convenience and benefits of intelligent charging to the comfort of your own home, our Alfen chargers offer a range of features.

Available in either a tethered or untethered design, you can choose the cable which is right for you. The tethered model has a fixed cable which cannot be removed, whereas the untethered charger has a detachable cable.

Alfen S-Line Untethered

Alfen S-Line Tethered

  • Ultra-small contemporary housing
  • Wall mounted or standalone with optional assembly plate
  • Charging capacity of 3.7kW to 11kW
  • European A-quality: a solid and premium product
  • LED status indication
  • Available in either a tethered or untethered design
  • Plug & Charge or RFID authorisation
  • Power outlet or fixed cable
  • Dynamic load balancing enabled due to co-operation with smart meters (DSMR, TIC) or external energy meters (Modbus, RTU, Modbus TCP/IP)
  • MID-certified energy meter for calculating the transaction costs

Home EV Charger FAQs

See our FAQs below for answers to some common questions customers ask about their home EV charger.

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