How It Works

e:PROGRESS helps you and your EV

  1. Get Your e:PROGRESS Home Charger

    Install your charger using our partner British Gas Local Heroes. Select one of two compatible chargers, and Local Heroes will book in a time to survey your home and install your charger.

  2. Subscribe to e:PROGRESS

    Now your charger is ready, you can activate your e:PROGRESS subscription and start intelligent charging.

    Your e:PROGRESS subscription is free for the first year and gives you benefit to Intelligent Charging saving you time, cost and carbon.

  3. Consider Switching Tariff

    e:PROGRESS supports dynamic, dual rate, and flat rate tariffs.

    You should consider switching to a dual rate tariff, such as Octopus Go, or a dynamic tariff, such as Octopus Agile, to receive the maximum benefit from Intelligent Charging.

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Installation FAQs

See our FAQs below for answers to some common questions customers ask about installing their charger.

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