How It Works

e:PROGRESS helps you and your EV

  1. Get Your e:PROGRESS Home Charger

    Install your charger using our partner British Gas Local Heroes. Select one of two compatible chargers, and Local Heroes will book in a time to survey your home and install your charger.

  2. Subscribe to e:PROGRESS

    Now your charger is ready, you can activate your e:PROGRESS subscription and start intelligent charging.

    Your subscription is free for the first twelve months and enables you to benefit from Intelligent Charging, saving you time, cost and carbon.

  3. Consider Switching Tariff

    e:PROGRESS supports dynamic, dual rate, and flat rate tariffs.

    You should consider switching to a dual rate tariff, such as Octopus Go, or a dynamic tariff, such as Octopus Agile, to receive the maximum benefit from Intelligent Charging.

Start Your Journey

Installation FAQs

See our FAQs below for answers to some common questions customers ask about installing their charger.

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