Save Money

e:PROGRESS automatically plans your charging for you. Your vehicle will be charged when required and to the level that you need it. e:PROGRESS will automatically generate an Intelligent Charging plan based on your tariff, your required level of charge, and your optimisation mode.

  • Cost optimisation
  • Carbon optimisation
  • Solar optimisation

Intelligent Charging

When intelligence is combined with the Agile Octopus tariff, the e:PROGRESS intelligent charging subscription can charge your car with low-cost electricity, with possible savings of up to £400 a year*.

With regular charging, you plug in your car and charge until the battery is full, and you are charged from a fixed-rate electricity tariff.

*Assumes a car is plugged in between 6pm-6am, comparing regular charging with no smart features on a flat tariff, against intelligent charging with e:PROGRESS managing charging on the Agile Octopus tariff.

Save Time

Purchase a compatible home charger through e:PROGRESS and enjoy safe, professional, and easy installation. e:PROGRESS chargers are professionally installed with three years warranty included.

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to control

e:PROGRESS-Ready Home Chargers

Our compatible home chargers let you unlock the power of intelligent charging. You can acquire one through our installation partners, Local Heroes. They work with our intelligent charging subscription, so your Honda e will always be ready to drive using the best-value renewable electricity.

Alfen S-Line Untethered

Alfen S-Line Tethered

e:PROGRESS Mobile App

The e:PROGRESS app is easy to use and connects your car, your charger, and your tariff. Use the e:PROGRESS app to save time, carbon, and money with Intelligent Charging.

  • Automatic scheduling and optimisation
  • Charge immediately when required
  • Hardware-free solar charging

Save Carbon

The e:PROGRESS carbon optimisation connects to the electricity grid and forecasts the carbon emissions produced by your charging. Your carbon optimised Intelligent Charging plan will select the cleanest, greenest times to charge your vehicle.

Feel-good Energy

e:PROGRESS is designed to work with any tariff, including tariffs which use 100% renewable energy. If your tariff is not 100% renewable, you can reduce the carbon emissions generated through your charging by using the e:PROGRESS carbon optimisation mode. By using the carbon optimisation mode, you’ll be supporting the grid by charging at the cleanest, greenest times.

Solar Charging

e:PROGRESS provides a hardware free link to your solar panels. This allows you to charge your EV when your panels are generating electricity, further reducing the cost and carbon emissions of your EV. Enjoy home grown, guilt free.

Blue Skies for our Children

e:PROGRESS is pursuing a world with the joy and freedom of mobility for everyone. We strive to realise the joy and freedom of mobility by working toward “zero environmental impact.” for a future beyond our time. e:PROGRESS helps Honda drivers to reduce their carbon emissions and to increase their solar consumption when charging their EV.

Intelligent Charging FAQs

See our FAQs below for answers to some common questions customers ask about Intelligent Charging.

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